Institute of Forensic Science
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Department Of Forensic Biology

  • Study visit to ACTREC, Tata Memorial Research Institute, Mumbai for the students of Msc.II.<br>
  • Visit to the Deparment of Botany, ISc, Mumbai for HPLC and TLC working study  for the students of M.Sc-I.
Dep of f B2

The Department ofForensic Biology has a well-furnished and a well-equipped laboratory,specialised for the analysis of biological specimen, serological fluids andDNA. The laboratory harbours and utilises a variety of sophisticatedinstruments and equipments for the same, which include:

  1. Thermal Cycler
  2. Electrophoresis units
  3. Nanospectrophotometer
  4. Gel Documentation system
  5. Laminar air-flow unit
  6. Refrigerated Ultracentrifuge
Dr. Archana Mahakalkar

Description: Head & Assistant Professor