Institute of Forensic Science
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“Forensic Science to educate students, common man and professionals to counter global Techno-crime to create peaceful Society.”


“Get- set for a Challenging and Exciting Career”



Crime scenario is rapidly changing at global level. The latest technology is used by the criminals to commit techno-crimes affecting every common man in the society; Crime is encountered by common man in every walk of life. The Higher and Technical Education Department of Government of Maharashtra is committed to create a world class curriculum in Forensic Science to educate the different class of people of society to counter this global techno-crimes scenario. Different Forensic Science Courses are formulated by the highly professional members of the study committee, formed by The Higher and Technical Education Department of Government of Maharashtra to meet the need of the upcoming students, agencies involved in crime detection namely police officers, Forensic scientists, medico-legal Doctors, Judicial officers, media people, journalists, corporate organizations etc. in a scientific and legal way. It is one of the study curricula in forensic science in the country meeting the standard at par with the global level.

Institute of Forensic Science, Mumbai, is housed in The Institute of science, Mumbai, which is a Premiere Institute for post graduate teaching and Research. A spirit of research seeking solutions to the problems, besetting mankind, a great quest to venture into techniques leading to path breaking innovations in the frontiers of science, has been the theme of research and development programs at the institute. From its inception by the Royal Charter in 1920 till date, the institute has earned a very high reputation in scientific research and teaching.

The then “Royal Institute of Science” before independence is known as “The Institute of Science.” It is a state government Institute affiliated to the University of Mumbai. It has nine Science Departments. The institute undertakes interdisciplinary and multi-institutional research projects sponsored by different funding agencies and Industries in various areas.

The starting of Forensic Science Institute in the campus of the reputed “The Institute of Science”, Mumbai will provide Excellent infrastructural, instrumental and library facilities. In Addition to this, the students will be exposed to various scientific activities. The research ambience prevailing in The Institute will encourage students to enrich the scientific knowledge and inculcate them the scientific temper for research.